A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

"spending years with the person you love,
wonder how much time has passed like this"

 — upcoming kimetsu no yaiba fangame ft. rengoku kyoujurou

synopsis: experience sweet high school romance with rengoku that follows you into adulthood and later years in your life. starting with your first fateful encounter under the rain...

  • changelog: 
    01.11 - development begins.
    07.11 - updated game page, working on background edits and scripts.
    03.12 - finished the first arc of the game, sprite & first cg finished.
    05.12 - uploaded playable demo of the first two scenes. the final game will be downloadable.

disclaimer: this is an non-profit unofficial kny fangame made as a gift for a friend and bears no affiliation with gotouge koyoharu.

coming 2020.


halcyondays-demo-mac.zip 112 MB
halcyondays-demo-pc.zip 129 MB

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